CTC Electric is creating new energy.

With a mission to generate reliable, cost-competitive electricity from our greatest renewable resource, CTC Electric is hard at work building a vertically integrated photovoltaic solar utility.

Our mission is premised on the understanding that proven technology exists today to make it happen.

Thin-film photovoltaic technologies are used worldwide because they are simple and proven. They reliably harness the sun’s energy to generate power without moving parts and with minimal ongoing maintenance. CTC is leveraging its global manufacturing, sourcing and operational expertise to deliver power from these technologies more cheaply and on a scale larger than has been achieved in the United States to date.

CTC is not waiting around for emerging technologies. Our advantage stems from vertical integration, a focus on large-scale projects and an unyielding commitment to efficient operations.

CTC knows that solar power makes sense today, both economically and for our environment.

Our goal is simple – solar power that is Cheaper Than Coal.